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Class Notes 11.27.07

Class Notes 11.27.07 - Final Friday the 14th 1pm Robert...

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Final- Friday the 14 th , 1pm Robert Nozick Libertarian Rholls v. Nozick Writes in the tradition of Locke o Second Treatise of Government o Natural Rights What do we have a fundamental right to? o Right to non-interference Our own bodies Entitlement Theory of Justice (“Holdings”) o If something you have has the right history, you have a right to it and really own it o Principle of Justice in Acquisition Contract theory What gives you a right to take things from nature? You have a right to your body (Locke says, Nozick agrees) you have to mix your labor with nature (if you use your body to draw something, you own what you’ve drawn; farming) There are times when you don’t get what results from when you’ve mixed your labor with nature o Example: You mix orange juice you’ve made with the ocean- “now I own the Atlantic Ocean” You didn’t create anything of value Lockean Proviso You have a right to whatever results
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