5226analysis - to ensure that there was no recognizable...

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Analysis As I begin my analysis, the first thing I will take a look at is reliability analysis. Reliability analysis as a statistical measure tests for the reliability and consistency of an item on a survey or measuring tool. This is not to be confused with accuracy; it is consistent in measuring, but may not accurately measure what the researcher may be attempting to measure. When using Cronbach’s Alpha, the closer that the figure is to “1” the more reliable the statistic is; it appears that all of my analyses are reliable with the exception of the measurement that was recorded for job satisfaction. The measurement appears to be fairly reliable and its lower reliability may be attributable to several questions being answered with vast differences between departments or because the survey was distributed to members of the rank and file and upper management. Upper management was asked to answer this as a “follower”; executive management was not asked to participate in taking the survey. The second thing that I did was review the data
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Unformatted text preview: to ensure that there was no recognizable human error in data entry into SPSS prior to analysis of the survey. I did not find any human error during review. The results of the study do support the hypothesis when descriptive statistics are analyzed. Results indicate that the higher the quality of the leader-member exchange the more likely one is to be satisfied with their job and they will be more committed to the organization. The research has many implications for managers and leaders within the organization: relationship building is imperative to a decreased turnover and committed rank and file; cultivating a good relationship between leaders and members of the organization is something that takes time and an emotional and professional investment. Reliability Statistics OCQ Reliability Statistics Cronbach’s Alpha N of Items .929 10 Job Satisfaction Reliability Statistics Cronbach's Alpha N of Items .743 6 LMX Reliability Statistics Cronbach's Alpha N of Items .965 8...
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5226analysis - to ensure that there was no recognizable...

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