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%A Kuoppala, Jaana %A Lamminpää, Anne %A Liira, Juha %A Vainio, Harri %D 2008 %J Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine %K 00043764-200808000-00004 %N 8 %P 904-915 10.1097/JOM.0b013e31817e918d %T Leadership, Job Well-Being, and Health Effects-A Systematic Review and a Meta- Analysis %U,_Job_Well_Being,_and_He alth_Effects_A.4.aspx %V 50 %X Objective: The aim of this systematic literature analysis was to study the association between leadership and well-being at work and work-related health. These intermediate outcomes are supposed to predict work-related loss of productivity and disability at work. Methods: Original articles published in 1970 to 2005 were searched in MEDLINE and PsycINFO databases in a systematic manner. The main search terms were leadership, job satisfaction, well-being, sick leave, and disability pension. Out of 303 references, 93 publications were retrieved. In addition, other sources produced 69
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