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6107week4 - Brendan ONeal Brendan ONeal MAN 6107 Week 4...

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Brendan O’Neal Brendan O’Neal MAN 6107 Week 4 Assignment Leadership Style According to the text, participative leadership is a style of leadership that involves the inclusion of all members in a team to identify goals and make procedural decisions in reaching these goals. Knowing what type of leadership style to use may be crucial to the success of any given company. Leadership is a multi-dimensional construct that includes activities such as planning work, making decisions, solving problems, and being able to adapt to the environment around them to meet the demands of the situation. The types of leadership discussed in class (telling or ordering, selling or persuading, consulting, delegating, and joining) each have a place in the workplace. A good leader may be able to situationally choose the type of leadership style that he or she employs, depending on the circumstance that are at hand. Each leadership style carries some obvious and not-so- obvious benefits and risks that the leader should be able to weigh and keep in mind prior to making the decision. Participative leadership appears to encourage active involvement of the team’s members, allowing for more perspectives to be heard in the decision making process; this exposes the decision’s potential strengths and weaknesses. “Telling” or “ordering” as a leadership style may save time in some instances because only one person is involved in the decision making process. The leader is simply ordering or telling a subordinate the task that is expected to be done. This may be effective in some instances and others it may have many negative repercussions. It may be effective if the task is quick and pleasant; it may also be effective if the employee or subordinate is new and inexperienced. Telling or ordering a subordinate to do something 1
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may end up building resentment if this method is employed too frequently; this style of leadership is not
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