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Brendan O’Neal - Brendan ONeal DB76-2 Ethical...

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Brendan O’Neal DB76-2 Ethical Reasoning in Business Three reasons for using ethical reasoning in business include: 1) the rule of law does not cover “gray areas” of a problem 2) free-market and regulated-market mechanisms are not able to guide managers how to respond to issues that may have profound ethical consequences, and 3) complex moral problems require “intuition or understanding and concern for fairness, justice, and due process” for those that it impacts. I find reasons “1 and 3” to be the most valid reasons to use ethical reasoning in business. I feel that we, as humans, have a sort of teleological approach to business following a sort of utilitarianism in favor of the business that is inherent in us; this guides our internal compass towards our goal, serving our particular business interest, and our well-being but also keeping us from suffering negative consequences without reason. We learn as we go along and judge each scenario and situation as we go, as judges may do in
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Brendan O’Neal - Brendan ONeal DB76-2 Ethical...

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