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Brendan O’Neal Brendan O’Neal Midterm Paper Executive Leadership Entrepreneurial Genius Entrepreneur, as defined within Wikipedia is an individual that possesses a new enterprise and ultimately takes responsibility for its risks and outcomes. Dr. Landrum’s Entrepreneurial Genius outlines twelve individuals that show such a uniqueness that few possess; such successful entrepreneurs come equipped with an idea that turns into a vision. That vision is then chased with zeal, refined, and may be rejected. Through the exploration of the idea and its refinement, the enterprise is founded, with the hopes that it will become as profitable as the enterprises that the individuals in Entrepreneurial Genius piloted. In this paper I will outline four individuals: Michael Dell, Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, and Donald Trump. All four of these individuals are abnormally successful and driven. They share commonalities in their drive and goals, but may sharply contrast in many other areas of their business style, personalities, political affiliation, family lives, and backgrounds. There are vast differences between these four individuals and the other entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurial Genius. This supports the thought that success can come from diverse backgrounds and beginnings. Michael Dell’s was raised in a Conservative Jewish; his parents were professional and educated. His father an orthodontist and mother a stockbroker. He had an older sibling who was pursuing a medical education, much like his father. Dell was expected to follow, but soon went down another path. He was introduced to the business world at a young age just by being a product of two educated and professional parents. Throughout 1 1
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the readings, Dell is illustrated as a gifted and curious individual from a very young age; his interest in computers began at the age of 15, when he procured an Apple computer, took it apart and rebuilt it. By the end of his freshman year at college, he dropped out to focus on building a computer building enterprise that sold direct to the customer. Dell had a goal of cutting out the middleman to provide the consumer with a product that was delivered in a timely manner, reliable, and affordable. Achieving this goal realized Dell’s success of turning a $1000 investment into selling over $50million of product per day over the internet. This goal took 15 years to realize, and was made possible by sticking to a plan of valuing customer input, not going through a middle man, and consistently delivering in a timely manner. Dell’s communication style is described as direct; this seems to be reflected in his marketing and operation style as well. The foundation of Donald Trump’s wealth is in real estate; he lived real estate from a very young age. He was born in Queens, NY in 1946 to Fred and Mary Trump. Fred Trump was Donald’s mentor, ensuring he taught his son the value of work and
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LeadershipMidterm - Brendan ONeal Brendan ONeal Midterm...

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