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Walton is the most sharply contrasted between Dell, Bezos, and Trump; he was first-born (had a younger brother) to a transient family, in a farming culture, in the Great Depression. Walton built his brand and image on an “everyman” level. He was able to motivate his employees by relating to them, creating a positive relationship with them, and sharing his profit with them. Walton came from seemingly humble roots and worked his way up from being a transient to being worth more than $25 billion at the time of his death in 1992 (Landrum, 1994). Walton’s leadership style was to work hard but have fun (“Sam Walton”, 2009). Dell, Bezos, and Trump all hail from families where opportunity was eminent in one way or another; this is because familial resources may be assumed to be available; their parents were professional and, as tradition may dictate, they were expected to go to college and secure professional employment in some fashion. Trump’s upbringing certainly influenced his leadership style; he was brought up in the real estate business, was an apprentice under his father by the age of 11 and saw his father’s behavior in a business sense from a very young age. He was the middle child of five children. He learned from his father and he described his relationship with his father
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leadershipmidtermtxt - Walton is the most sharply...

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