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Brendan O’Neal MAN6107 Week 8 Case Study National Products The internal candidates that are applying for the general manager position have been reviewed and considered. These candidates are Charley Adams, production manager; Bill Stuart, manager of an engineering department; Ray Johnson who has held the position as corporate marketing manager. Upon reviewing each of their risks and benefits of hiring internally have been considered. Charley Adams appears to be motivated by a need for affiliation; he is high in agreeableness. As described, Charley seeks social situations with his peers and enjoys the sociability amongst colleagues. He has high family values and appears to have high personal integrity. Charley Adams’ likelihood of success in such a high-level management position may be jeopardized due to his avoidance of conflict; the performance level of his department may stagnate because he does not want to push his subordinates to perform at the best, but keep their performance adequate. He is highly ethical and loyal to the company and has at least 8 years of managerial experience; if National Products is to flourish and grow, Mr. Adams may not be the best fit due to his lack of assertiveness and need for affiliation. Bill Stuart’s motivation is achievement oriented; he is focused on achievement but
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OnealBrendanWeek8Assignment - Brendan ONeal MAN6107 Week 8...

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