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WI10Reflection_MAN-PAD 6107_ONeal - Brendan ONeal Brendan...

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Brendan O’Neal Brendan O’Neal MAN6107 Reflection Course Reflection As a first semester MBA student at Hodges University I felt that this course, Executive Leadership was a fantastic learning experience that was also challenging and required critical thought and outside research in order to effectively complete the learning objectives that the instructor set out as intended. Personally, the most important concepts that were learned from the class was the separation of leadership and management; the traits that and individual must have to be an effective leader may not necessarily be the best manager, and a great manager might not be an effective leader. The concept of management being a subset of leadership was new to me and I was able to focus on this and apply it to my career. I have become increasingly self-aware of my talent as a leader while being cognizant of the management skills that I may still need to develop. The nature of managerial work is planning, management of other, supervising, and
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2011 for the course MAN 6107 taught by Professor Kest during the Spring '10 term at Hodges University.

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WI10Reflection_MAN-PAD 6107_ONeal - Brendan ONeal Brendan...

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