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Brendan O’Neal 6107 Research Paper Proposal Proposal The purpose of this research paper is to examine the leadership environment of Lee Mental Health, Inc., Lee County’s sole provider of community mental health services. Services of the organization include assessment, intervention, medication management, therapy, crisis stabilization, and case management. The paper will compare leader-member exchange research in healthcare settings to the current leadership environment that is observed at Lee Mental Health. To support the observations of the current environment, the research will use results that are obtained from a survey that is distributed (approved by the senior leadership staff at Lee Mental Health). The survey takes a look at workplace satisfaction, leader-member exchange, and organizational commitment. It is hypothesized that a positive leader-member relationship positively
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Unformatted text preview: correlates with job satisfaction; it is also hypothesized that a positive leader-member relationship positively correlates with organizational commitment. Preferred communication style will be noted (electronic, spoken, meetings, e-mails, et. al). Literature involving the leader-member exchange and communication styles will be compared and contrasted to what is experienced in the workplace. Also, the leadership application style will be analyzed, relating personal experiences in the work place to models of decision-making styles. Refereed journal articles and studies will be used to support the inferences made through practical application throughout the paper. Sources for the paper will be gathered from the university’s access to the databases....
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WIN10Research_PAD-MAN6107_ONEAL - correlates with job...

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