DB76-9 - 1 Brendan ONeal DB76-9 Analysis As a team working...

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Brendan O’Neal DB76-9 Analysis As a team working towards several common goals, we at The Underground Edge, Inc have determined that, as a part of our mission, we will strive to build our relationships with our stakeholders. We understand that our stakeholders are integral in our success, both internal and external stakeholders are of equal importance to build, sustain, and expand our business. The Underground Edge is dedicated to being a high-in-ethics, socially responsible, strongly cultured company where dedication to these values is rewarded via compensation and privilege within our company as we grow, increase stock options, and franchise into a larger entity. Maintaining a centralized method of visible and flexible leadership will encourage a culture that is conducive to our mission and core values (Weiss, 2009). To foster such relationships that are able to support our values, we believe that team building between members and between the leaders of the organization and the members is of the utmost importance. High quality relationships between the members of the leadership and the members and between the members encourage cooperation,
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DB76-9 - 1 Brendan ONeal DB76-9 Analysis As a team working...

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