Ethical Issue Review

Ethical Issue Review - Ethical Issue Review In such a...

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Ethical Issue Review In such a multi-purpose retail establishment that crosses genres of media, clothing, music, technology, and entertainment there are many ethical issues that may arise. The Underground Edge will focus on training and prevention to combat the problematic exacerbation of these ethical issues; this will ensure that our internal and external stakeholders’ investment is protected. Some of the issues that we foresee include the piracy or theft of intellectual property, theft from within our organization, customer service issues, social responsibility, how to effectively communicate with our stakeholders, and how we can most effectively profit while giving back to our growing community. Retail is a unique niche in the world of business entities; it is the only type of business situation where constant customer contact is the crux of its success (Burns, 2009). The internal and external stakeholders are visible to each other; this interaction is an integral part of the initial transaction and the building of a lasting retail relationship (Burns, 2009). Secondary to the transparency of this relationship, ethical faux pas are visible and when unethical behavior is witnessed by an external stakeholder, one could only imagine that it would be detrimental to the stakeholder relationship. Relationships between internal stakeholders and vendors also must be cultivated to keep the external stakeholders satisfied by being able to sell a product at a fair price (Burns, 2009). The intellectual property that will be for sale at
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Ethical Issue Review - Ethical Issue Review In such a...

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