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Brendan O’Neal DB76-1 Environmental Dimensions Affecting the Mental Health Industry The business world is influenced by many environmental factors. The amount each factor influences the specific business’ dynamics depend on the field that the business is working within. The mental health field that I work in is heavily regulated and the environmental influences are many and complex, with regulations coming from many different governing bodies, to include federal and state law, the advocates for the population that we serve, and political influences. This is not an exhaustive list, but begins to paint the picture of the confines that the mental health system is coaxed to work within. The many governing bodies include CARF (council on accreditation of rehabilitative facilities), Medicare/Medicaid, OSHA, amongst others. These organizations independently audit the work of facilities to ensure that it is operating at minimum standards and include regulations that guarantee that a certain level of care is being
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ethicsassignment1 - Brendan ONeal DB76-1 Environmental...

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