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Brendan O’Neal Brendan O’Neal GEBPAD 6376 Course Reflection Course Reflection I feel that I learned a significant amount throughout the semester; this was my first semester as a Hodges University MBA student. I feel that I have formally developed several of my natural abilities and have strengthened my competency in other less developed skill areas. Initiative has been a natural ability of mine, but through this course, I feel that I have refined this skill through formally defining the methods to seek the information that I have sought to find. Initiative and leadership ability seem to be closely related throughout this class; there was a significant amount of group work that was assigned, which required a natural or informal leader to rise in the group to delegate to the group. I feel that I was one of these individuals that stepped forward in order to help proctor the completion of a significant portion of our group activities. I have refined my critical thinking skills through developing the ability to objectively compare and
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