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Sample_Unit_Ethics_Plan - Internal to Unit External to Unit...

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Sample Unit Ethics Plan As directed by CLS, Commanders are to “use their imagination and to constantly seek opportunities to make ethics awareness and dialogue an integral part of all activities.” Ser Considerations: Action: Who/What/Where/When Notes: 1 Area Comd’s Intent - Review LFCO 21-18 Anx A and B - Reporting SOPs - What are Other Units Doing? 2 Your Unit Ethical Risk Assessment (Unique to Unit) - Threats to Operational Effectiveness and Unit Cohesion, Public Trust etc. - Social Capital: Reputation, Identity, Relationships, Organizational Climate and Leadership, Psychological Contract and Army Culture. 3 CO’s Intent and Expectations of Ethical Conduct and Climate Clearly Articulated and Fully Comprehended Recognition and Reward Role of the UEC 4 Comms Strategy for CO’s Expectations
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Unformatted text preview: Internal to Unit, External to Unit 5 Existent Ethical Climate Assessment/Risk Definition Unit Climate Profile Surveys etc. 6 Comd Team Mitigation Strategy For Civilian-Military Team 7 Provide Ethics Awareness Training Dialogue, feedback, openness, without fear of reprisal, IAW 1/2 LFCO 21-18; action on Ethics Survey Forms 8 Formalize Mitigation Strategy and Awareness Training into Business and training Plans Full Integration into All Unit Activities 9 New Missions Msn Mandate/ROE, Policies, Op Environment 10 Deployments Moral component of Ops, Ethical Decision-making 11 Post Deployment Care/Support, Ethical Lessons Learned 12 Performance Measurement How do you know that your plan is working? 13 Succession Plan Who replaces you? 2/2...
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Sample_Unit_Ethics_Plan - Internal to Unit External to Unit...

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