MKT 5815 Org Bx Report Brendan O’Neal

MKT 5815 Org Bx Report Brendan O’Neal -...

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Brendan O’Neal MKT 5815 Organizational Buying Behavior Dr. Gene Landrum Hodges University
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Organizational Buying Behavior Organizational buying behavior is a process that involves several organizations and markets in order for an end product to be produced and put on the consumer market. Organizational buying behavior involves several processes that make it unique from consumer buying behavior. The organizational buyer must understand the market and be able to identify what their clients will need, in an almost predictive fashion (Hutt and Speh, 2009). The marketing manager and organizational purchaser benefits from a keen understanding of market trends and is able to identify profitable portions of the market and is able to locate and procure materials and product at a price that allows the organization to remain profitable. The organizational buying process includes relationship building, resource allocation, evaluation, and finally procurement. This process often leads to negotiation and a better price for the buyer; competition is ever present in an open market (Hutt and Speh, 2009). It is best to be in contact with middle or upper management when in the buying process when the buying firm is in the identification of needs stage (Reese and Stone, 1987). Organizational buying is a process that involves a significant financial investment in any organization; the reliability of the product that it is purchasing and that supplier’s ability to supply the product upon payment depends on the purchasing organization’s
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MKT 5815 Org Bx Report Brendan O’Neal -...

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