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Hodge’s University – Marketing 5815 Graduate Course Syllabu s COURSE TITLE: Marketing Management COURSE NUMBER: MAR 5815 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Dr. Gene N. Landrum (239) 597-9545 e-mail: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS : Available during posted hours INSTRUCTOR BIO: See my Web site: genelandrum.com Dr. Gene Landrum has a doctorate in Management from Walden University with MBA graduate studies at West Virginia and Bachelor’s of Business from Tulane University. He lectures extensively on the creative and innovative process due to research from his twelve books on eminent people. Dr. Landrum started five different businesses, the most famous of which is the Chuck E. Cheese chain of family entertainment restaurants. He was also instrumental in the launch of the first cartridge loaded video game system called the Atari 2600. He now consults on new business start-ups in Southwest Florida and is Chairman of ESON – Entrepreneurial Society of Naples meeting at Hodges the 2 nd Wednesday of each month and student may attend and present their ideas of feedback. Dr. Gene’s PHILOSOPHY OF LEARNING : The graduate courses at HU fit the experiential teaching style of Dr. Landrum who prefers to use a philosophical approach to life and education where the theories are applied to real-life situations. For Landrum, quality is far more important than quantity, one of the tragedies of many large organizations in America. It is far more important to do things right than to kill it with voluminous numbers or data. In other words, the ability to tie a research project together and make it work in the real world or on the street than doing it by the numbers or as demanded by the textbook. HOURS CREDIT: Three (3) CLASS SESSIONS: Fall 2010 online via Blackboard & E-mail submissions REQUIRED RESOURCES 1) Textbook: Business Marketing Management – b2b, Hutt & Speh, South Western Publishing, Mason, Ohio (ISBN-13:978-0-324-58167-6) 2) Entrepreneurial Genius (2003) Gene N. Landrum, PhD – in- class students only as well as the Wall St. Journal 1
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COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of the managerial perspective in the business marketing function. Management of marketing issues and critical decision making is stressed in the areas of strategy, advertising, market research, public relations, and selling in domestic and foreign environments. Prerequisite: None COURSE OBJECTIVES The objectives of this course are for the student to become conversant with the fundamentals of marketing theory and the application of those theories to products and services. Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Understand market research relative to the primary and secondary sources of information and how to use these data to identify the potential opportunities in a specific target market and extrapolate a five- year sales forecast from the penetration rates and other assumptions that must be reached in such marketing decisions. Measurement – Quizzes, examinations, and discussion questions.
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MKT5815_Fall2010_LandrumOnline - 1 Hodges University...

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