ECON 5705 ch 2 Brendan O’Neal

ECON 5705 ch 2 Brendan O’Neal - b. 1 standard...

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Brendan O’Neal ECON 5705 Chapter 2 Exercises Chapter 2 1. The optimal capital budget would be to invest in projects A, B, C, and G at a total of $875 million. Any other project selection would only generate a minimal return. 2. a. Annual revenues: 90 (.2) + 75 (.5) + 85 (.3) = $77,175,000 b. standard deviation: $96.5 million c. coefficient: V = 96.492063/77.175 = .250 3. Project B appears riskier because of the larger standard deviation. 4. z (0 – 100,000)/40,000), P ( z < -2.50) = .0062 5. Since we are dealing with a normal distribution the expected price is in the middle at about $1.5 million.
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Unformatted text preview: b. 1 standard deviation = 500,000 c. z = 1.2mil -1.5mil/390,625 = -.77 z = 22.06% 6. Amgen appears to be a high risk firm; past performance tells us this, as does the projected profit performance. Returns may be high, as is risk. Performance projection is also consistent with the high-return possibilities. b. The company’s projected high-return projection is favorable and justified as a result for the high cost of the investors’ risk. If there is no pay off or projection for high profits to justify the risk, there would be no reason for investors to take interest in Amgen....
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ECON 5705 ch 2 Brendan O’Neal - b. 1 standard...

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