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Class Notes 12.4.07

Class Notes 12.4.07 - Final = After Kant Moral Luck Paper...

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Final = After Kant/ Moral Luck Paper is due the 10 th !! Thompson Her initial example is only mean to apply to cases of a woman contemplating abortion after rape Principle: o Surely how much of a right to life you have shouldn’t depend on how you came into existence o (Brower) a third party (rapist) can affect if your right can be overridden fetus doesn’t lose its right to life, it’s just overridden innocent shield example People Seed analogy o Your home is your property o People seeds float around in the air and attach themselves to cloth o If you did everything you could to keep them out, but one still came in, you should have a right to detach the person, even if it has a right to life Problem: a woman hasn’t done everything to keep them out because she still had sex The people in the house don’t need to use cloth Problem: so radically different from the violinist example/ the real world Analogies: o The extent to which sex is a part of normal adult human life Driving is part of normal life, and we’re willing to take risks while driving, because it’s important to our culture (unlike chewing deadly blackberry flavored chewing gum) o Suppose Brower owns a mall and he’s cheap. He has 100 little garbage cans in a row. Behind the mall he lets the retailers put their garbage in these cans. At
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