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Brendan O’Neal ECON 5705 Week 3 Economist Articles The first article that caught my attention was in the June 10 th edition; it was entitled “The Republicans; What’s wrong with America’s right”. The article goes on to give a narrative of the Republican party’s disparity within itself and the American public’s dissatisfaction with the job that the controlling Democratic party is doing. The old saying goes “Gentleman do not discuss politics or religion”, but I feel that there is no avoiding the discussion of politics in this light. The two parties are blaming each other. I feel like we are on the playground when I read this article. A large scale playground, with the members of those who write the editorials acting as all of the other children on the playground and in the class, egging the “democrat vs republican” fight to continue on. Politics continues as politics. A divided line between two schools of thought where each attempts to blame the other for anything that may have gone wrong in the world so that the not-at-fault party gains control over the current in-control party. The legislative agenda continues to have the basic issues of healthcare, abortion, immigration, trade agreements, drug laws, gay rights (the new generation of civil rights movements), and foreign policy. These are all necessary discussions in the political arena. They are not easily solved; I sure don’t believe that any president would sabotage any one aspect of these largely important political issues. I believe that any individual or group that is radically one way about any issue does not belong in the political arena. If there is any one group that can be considered “radical” I do not believe that they should control any powerful office; radicalism has no place in the mainstream of America. Constiutionalists
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and conservatives are two groups that feel that they are “correct”. In my opinion they are far from it. It is radical idealism and finger-pointing that benefits no one in our society, it only hinders progress. No matter the school of thought or the party that one is involved in, there should be wiggle room because we all want to be perceived (in my opinion) as rational human beings that are working for the betterment of our society. I find that our politicians and the press lose sight of a common goal to work towards the distribution and utilization of
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Econ 5705 WA 3 ECON ARTICLES - Brendan ONeal ECON 5705 Week...

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