ECON 5705 Week 8 Econ ArticlesBrendan O’Neal

ECON 5705 Week 8 Econ ArticlesBrendan...

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Brendan O’Neal Brendan O’Neal ECON 5705 Week 8 Economist Articles The first article that I chose to critique this week is the threat from the internet; Cyberwar. The article discusses the evolution of technology and its impact on warfare. The article gives examples such as: we have gone from the chariot to gunpowder, from nuclear warfare to unmanned aircraft; we have evolved into more and more complex means of warfare using our technologies. Now our most technological means of modern warfare, the internet. Digital communication is widespread and controls most everything, from our government’s infrastructure to our financial systems, our cellular telephone communications, the internet, and more. Our armed forces (not only in this country) now use hackers and computer experts to design cyber-attacks. The article claims that there have been weapons developed to cripple a country if need be. The reports of the cyber- weapons have been vague and cryptic, and no one knows what one may do, but one could assume the worst. The world’s economies and governments would be very invested in preventing a cyber-attack, but this article is a lot to do with the security vendors wanting a new profit means, because the traditional threats don't exist anymore, and policy makers in Washington, who are looking to push controversial internet control bills, for a government power vehicle for control and to be able to govern what its citizens are up to. I feel that the article covers a well-placed concern and covers the concern with a somewhat elementary analysis that is almost Hollywood-esque; I feel that because this is a national security issue, our government, and other governments across the world have 1
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planned for facing cyber scenarios that threaten to attempt to cripple our economy, infrastructure, etc. I feel that a good way to prevent this is to make parts of our system(s) not reliant upon each other while still linking them to ensure continuity of communication. A solid, basic rule of the internet should involve to never use it to operate or control life-critical services or critical infrastructure such as power, water, gas, or transport systems. I do not think this article made a real contribution to the discussion of cyber warfare. Seeing something in The Economist is a good reminder to think about it, but as a reader, I would much more appreciate genuine investigation and fact reporting rather than an opinion-based call for
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ECON 5705 Week 8 Econ ArticlesBrendan...

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