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Unformatted text preview: First Three Letters of Last Name TA Name Exam 3 5.12 Spring 2005 Name______________________________________ Signature___________________________________ ID#________________________________________ Prerequisite (circle one): 5.112 5.111 3.091 1. Make sure your exam has 9 numbered pages plus a periodic table. 2. Write your initials on each page. 3. Look over entire exam before starting and carefully read all instructions. 4. Show work for partial credit. Page Possible Points Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total 8 XC 12 20 16 14 10 10 4 14 100 5 105 1. (12 points) a. Rank in order of SN2 reactivity (1= most reactive) I I I I b. Rank in order of leaving group ability (1= best leaving group) NH2- H2O Cl- I- c. Rank in order of nucleophilicity (1= best nucleophile) O SOOH O- d. Rank in order of alkene stability (1= most stable) e. Rank in order of radical stability (1= most stable) f. Circle the best solvent for an SN2 reaction. O CH3OH Points 1 Initials 2. (20 points) Draw the structure of the products of the following reactions. Indicate stereochemistry where appropriate. If there is no reaction, write "NR". Br a. H Br NaCN DMF b. I N3DMF c. O Cl H2O d. Cl H2O Cl O-K+ e. t-BuOH Initials 2 Points 3. (12 points) Draw the structure of the starting materials for the following reactions. a. SOCl2 Cl b. HBr Br Br NBS c. hv 4. (4 points) Draw the structures of A and B. Br2, hv A NaCN, DMF B Initials Points 3 5. (6 points) Draw the structures of the starting materials and reagents (A, B, C) for the following reaction. Mg, ether A B 1. C 2. H2O OH 6. (8 points) Draw the structure of the starting materials and reagents (A, B, C, D) for the following reaction. B A C D Initials Points 4 7. (10 points) Draw the MAJOR product and a detailed mechanism for the following reactions. Specify correct stereochemistry where appropriate. a. I O-K+ t-BuOH Br b. EtO-/EtOH Initials 5 Points 8. (10 points) Draw a detailed mechanism that accounts for each of the following products. Br CH3CH2OH, D OCH2CH3 OCH2CH3 Initials 6 Points 9. (4 points) Circle the reactions that are synthetically usefu(i.e.give only one major product). Br2, hv Cl2, hv NBS, hv NBS, hv Initials 7 Points 10. (6 points) Circle the heterocycles that are aromatic. S N H B S N S N NH 11. (4 points) Draw the dipole moment of calicene, if there is one. Example: F CH3 calicene 12. (4 points) Which molecule is more stable? Explain why in 1-2 sentences. O O Initials Points 8 Extra Credit: The compound shown below is not aromatic. Explain why not. Draw a picture or a model if this will help explain your reasoning. Initials Points 9 ...
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