Review_Session_Exam_2 - 5.12 Spring 2003 Review Session:...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.12 Spring 2003 Review Session: Exam #2 VI. Alkanes B. Chirality and Stereocenters A. Molecular Formulas C. Enantiomers 1. Degrees of Unsaturation 1. CahnIngoldPrelog Convention (R/S) 2. Constitutional Isomers 2. Optical Activity B. IUPAC Nomenclature 3. Description of Samples C. Conformational Analysis D. Diastereomers 1. Ethane 1. Cis/Trans Isomers (Geometric) a) Newman Projections 2. Molecules with >1 Stereocenter 2. Propane IX. Free Radical Reactions 3. Butane A. Chlorination of Methane VII. Cycloalkanes 1. Mechanism A. Ring Size and Strain B. Review of Thermodynamics B. Cyclopropane C. Review of Kinetics C. Cyclobutane D. Reaction-Energy Diagrams D. Cyclopentane 1. Thermodynamic Control E. Cyclohexane 2. Kinetic Control 1. Conformational Analysis 3. Hammond Postulate a) Drawing Chairs 4. Multi-Step Reactions b) Ring Flip 5. Chlorination of Methane 2. Mono-Substituted Cyclohexane E. Chlorination of Propane a) Axial versus Equatorial: A-Values 1. Inequivalent Hydrogens (1,2,3) 3. Di-Substituted Cyclohexane 2. Relative Reactivity a) Cis/Trans Isomerism 3. Selectivity b) Preferred Conformers F. Bromination of Propane 4. Bicyclic Ring Systems 1. Selectivity (Hammond Postulate) VIII. Stereochemistry G. Radical Stability A. Stereoisomers H. General Selectivity of Radical Halogenations VI. Alkanes You need to be able to: A. Molecular Formulas 1. Degrees of Unsaturation Draw constitutional isomers for a given molecular formula. 2. Constitutional Isomers Calculate degrees of unsaturation. B. IUPAC Nomenclature Draw structures corresponding to IUPAC names....
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Review_Session_Exam_2 - 5.12 Spring 2003 Review Session:...

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