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Chapter-18 ( US History)

Chapter-18 ( US History) - Chapter 20 Essay The national...

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Chapter 20 Essay The national politics during the late 1870’s through the late 1890’s was characterized by corruption, weak executive leadership, and the emergence of legislative dominance. The national political scenario during this period was indifferent to the problems that were cropping up in the cities and rural areas of America. The urban government corruption, the uninspired competitive sprit of the political parties, and the rising dominance of the Republican Party were the main issues during this period. These and other factors, such as not protecting African- American voters in the South, contributed to the turbulence in this era. The urban government in cities was highly inefficient and corrupt. They were wonderful examples of misrule and they robbed the city treasury for their own financial and personal advancement. One notorious person in the city council, who later became a congressman, was William Tweed. He was very corrupt and he bribed the legislature so that he could have supreme power over appointments and finances. The rapid
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