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The first phase would involve brain storming and coming up with an idea first. By having a designated team we will be able pitch in with ideas on how we will be able to take the household product industry to another level. Second phase involves product concept development and screening. Being able to get opinions by having surveys, consumers and others will evaluate our products and ideas so that they will help with our success. Third we come to our market strategy by utilizing different avenues like the internet, television, radio, telemarketing, direct mail, and etc. the next phase would have business analysis. Those involved in this
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Unformatted text preview: new product will have to make sure that the demand is great for this product and the bottom line is how profitable would it be according to projected sales, cost, and etc. Now it is time for some prepping and tweaking in this next phase. To get our product to our standards and optimum standards we would need to send it through rigid technical test, and development. It is best that this start in a local or smaller level terms of a target customers. The final phase is the big one, we are at 100% with full scale production, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution....
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