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3200 course calendar 10

3200 course calendar 10 - BUSINESS LAW I FALL 2010 CALENDAR...

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BUSINESS LAW I FALL 2010 CALENDAR revised01/31/2011 DATE TOPIC TEXT CASES STATUTES LAW AND THE AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM 25-Aug Introduction to law and business ethics. 1-39 30-Aug Sources of law and the American judicial system. 40-99; 100-135 Trombetta, Gallagher, Blowers, Thyroff 1-Sep Judicial procedure. Fischbarg 6-Sep LABOR DAY -- NO CLASS OVERVIEW OF TORT LAW 8-Sep Intentional torts. 202-235 13-Sep Unintentional torts. 236-259 Thompson, Trupia CONTRACTS 15-Sep Introduction, definitions and UCC contracts. 342-359; 538-563 Text, Appendix B (1-48) 20-Sep Reaching an agreement. 360-381 Martin Delicatessen, Morales, Mortenson 22-Sep Consideration. 382-403 Gen.Ob. L. §15-501, 5-1115 Capacity. 404-414; 425-429 Shields, Blatt Gen.Ob.L. §3-101 et seq. 27-Sep Illegal bargains. 414-429 Diosdado, George, Manning Gen.Ob.L. §§5-321 to 5-521 29-Sep Legal assent. 430-453 Stambovsky Real Prop.L §443-a 4-Oct Legal assent, con't. 6-Oct Contracts in writing. 454-481 Heinrich Gen.Ob.L.§§5-701 to 703, 5-1101 to 1113, 15-301 11-Oct FALL BREAK -- NO CLASS 13-Oct Contract interpretation Greenfield, Pioneer Rights and duties of third parties.
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