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Math 101 Apr 96 Questions

Math 101 Apr 96 Questions - [12[10[12[12[12 Math 101 Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: [12] [10] [12] [12] [12] Math 101 Exam April 1995 where k is a positive constant. If there were initially 90,000 fish in the lake, and 40,000 were left after 6 weeks, when will the fish population be reduced to 10,000? 1. The plane region lying under the curve y = 1'3 and above the :c-axis, [12] 6- Let [(1') 2 I: Hit—“1L between :1: = 0 and x = l, is rotated about the x-axis to generate a solid of revolution. (8) Determine the Maclaurin series for [(22). (3) Find the volume of the solid. (b) Approximate I(%) to within :l:0.0001. (b) Find the total area of the surface of the solid. (c) Is your approximation in (b) larger or smaller than the true value of I(=i,-)? Explain. 2. Let L be the length of the part of the curve y = cosz lying between a: = 0 and x = 21r. Express L as a definite integral, and use the [10] 7. (8) Sketch the polar curve r = 2sin2(39). Trapezoidal Rule with six equal subintervals to approximate L. (b) Find the area of the region that is inside the curve in (a). 3. (3) Sketch the region bounded by y = 731:?“ y = 0, a: = 0, and x = 2. DO TWO OF THE FOLLOWING FOUR QUESTIONS (b) Find the y—coordinate of the centroid of this region. [10] 8. A swimming pool has the shape shown in the figure below. The vertical 4. Let R be the part of the first quadrant that lies below the curVe cross-sections of the pool are the bottom halves of circular disks. The y = arctan 1: and between the lines a: = 0 and 1: = l. distances in feet across the pool are given in the figure at 2 foot intervals along the 16 foot length of the pool. Use Simpson’s Rule to approximate . (a) Sketch the region R and determine its area. the volume or the pool. (b) Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating R about the y-axis. 5. The fish population in a lake is attacked by adisease at timet = 0, with the result that the size P(t) of the population at time t Z 0 satisfies dP 7F _ 4M7), [10] 9. [10110. [10111. Consider the parametric curve cost __ sint tk , y - tk ) x: where k is a positive constant. (8) Express the length L of this curve as an improper integral. Simplify the integrand as much as possible, but do not evaluate the integral. (b) Determine all values of the positive constant k for which the length L is finite. Justify your answer. An object of mass m is projected straight upward at time t = 0 with initial speed 110. While it is going up, the only forces acting on it are the force of gravity (assumed constant) and a drag, force proportional to the square of the object’s speed 11(1). It follows that the differential equation of motion is do 2 mm _‘ —(mg + kl} )) where g and k are positive constants. At what time does the object reach its highest point? Suppose that f’(1:) is continuous on [0,27r]. Show that lim 2" f(::) cos(m:)d1: = 0. n—too 0 ...
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