Business Ideas Aem 1230 - Alex Pascale 5 Business Ideas...

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Alex Pascale 5 Business Ideas Idea #1 Idea/Product Description Ice-Cream delivery service that delivers any flavor ice cream with any toppings all throughout the day and night until 4 AM and customizes your ice cream at their arrival to your dorm or housing in Ithaca, NY. Target Market All students in a specific university, in this case Cornell students who are craving an ice cream treat while studying long hours cramming for their prelim, midterm, and final exams. Revenue Model Members pay competing prices for the actual ice cream. Small ice cream would be $4.50, regular size ice cream would be $5.50, and large size would be $6.50 per item sold. In addition, $0.50 per topping added and a service fee of 25% of the total sales. Startup Cost The startup cost would be approximately $50K. The company would have to purchase the refrigerated vehicle to deliver the ice cream and partner up with an established ice cream company such as carvel and purchase their ice cream, or they could deliver their own ice cream for a smaller cost; however, a lesser recognition, thus, lesser value, and a smaller supply. Idea #2 Idea/Product Description Chavorange Today, a pre packaged food that will make your skin flawless. It contains three of the most important food nutrients that promote graceful aging. These include dark chocolate, avocados, and oranges.
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Business Ideas Aem 1230 - Alex Pascale 5 Business Ideas...

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