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Anatomy_Levels_and_Planes_Review - LEVELS OF VARIOUS...

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www.brain101.info 1 LEVELS OF VARIOUS STRUCTURES IN THE BODY AND PLANES I. LEVELS STRUCTURE LEVEL Oropharynx and Soft Palate with Mouth Open C2 vertebra Hyoid Bone C3 vertebra Thyroid Cartilage C4 & C5 vertebrae Bifurcation Common Carotid Artery C3 & C4 vertebral junction (disc) Cricoid Cartilage C6 vertebra Thyroid Lobe (Superior Extent) Oblique line of thyroid cartilage Isthmus Thyroid Gland Overlies the second through fourth tracheal rings Thyroid Lobe (Inferior Extent) Sixth tracheal ring Superior Angle of Scapula Overlies part of second rib - First intercostal space superior to angle Spine at Root of Scapula (Medially) Opposite third thoracic spine Inferior Angle of Scapula’ Overlies part of seventh rib - Seventh intercostal space inferior to angle Jugular (Suprasternal) Notch T2 & T3 vertebral junction Sternal Angle (Angle of Louis[Manubriosternal Joint) T4 & T5 vertebral junction Tracheal Bifurcation T4 & T5 vertebral junction Concavity and Ends of Aortic Arch T4 & T5 vertebral junction
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