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Name: _____________________ Lab Day/Time: _____________________ Lab Group Number: ____________________ CHM 101 Prelab Activity for Week 2 Investigation 2: “What’s in the Flask?” 2 Points 1. Read Section 1.2 in the CHM 101 textbook, A Conceptual Introduction to Chemistry . Focus on the Density subsection (pp. 19-22) and Example 1.7. 2. Do end-of-chapter problem 1.74. Show all work here and be sure to explain your reasoning. 3. Using a reliable reference, look up the density of water at two different temperatures (of your choice, but differing by at least 20
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Unformatted text preview: ° C) and the density of ice at any temperature. List density values with units of g/mL or g/cm 3 , and list temperature measurements in degrees Celsius ( ° C); be sure to include a reference for each density listed. Substance Temperature Density Reference H 2 O( l ) H 2 O( l ) H 2 O( s ) 4. Write a short proposal describing how you plan to start collecting data for the experiment. See the description of proposals in the introductory material in your lab manual (p. 3)...
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