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Lab report Guide: “What’s in the flask?” This rubric gives you guidelines for your first lab report. You can also add some more points to it, if you like. GENERAL INFORMATION: 1) Lab Reports are collective work by a group and in any case, I won’t accept individuals submitting their own lab reports. 2) Try to distribute work among the group members so that every one in the group has something or the other to contribute to the lab report. 3) In case of conflict with distribution of work or any other issue with your group members, please contact me and let me know in advance so that I can take necessary actions. 4) Make sure to attach the contribution sheet with your lab report if you feel that some group members didn’t participate equally while working on the report. If all members participate equally, you need not submit the contribution form. 5) You can send me a rough draft anytime before 2 days from submission of your lab report, to get a feedback on your work so far. 6) Please type your reports and don’t hand write them. You can submit me an electronic
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Lab_report_Guide-What's_in_the_Flask[1] - Lab report Guide:...

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