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Unformatted text preview: PSIO 445/545 Practice Problems 1. Given: D g = GGg D b = Body Density; F = Fat mass; ffb = Fat free body mass; d f = Density of fat; d ffb = Density of fat free body a. Derive a generalized equation for calculating body fat from body density (solve for f) b. Simplify the generalized equation derived from the above using d f = 0.9 g/ml and D ffb = 1.1 g/ml c. Calculate body fat (kg), ffb (kg), and percent body fat if body weight = 65 kg and body density = 1.0650 g/ml 2 . Given body weight = 50.0 kg, body under water = 1.2 kg (36 C, D H2O = 0.9937) and functional residual lung capacity = 0.8L, calculate body density (g/ml), percent body fat and fat free body mass (kg). 3. Given: D H2O = 0.9937 H 2 O = 77% of ffb D protein = 1.34 g/ml protein = 18.4% D mineral = 3.3 g/ml mineral = 4.6% of ffb a. Calculate D ffb b. Using D f = 0.9 mg/L and your estimate of D ffb from above (3a) derive an equation for predicting percent fat....
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