Class Notes 11.8.07

Class Notes 11.8.07 - • Principle of Insufficient Reason...

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Lauren Pyle 11.8.07 John Rholls You need to get into the Original Position o The position where you make a decision o Get behind the veil of ignorance Don’t know your rational life plan You know that you care about certain primary goods (what’s good for everyone- income, wealth, liberty, bases of self esteem) Lower Middle Upper Socialist 12 14 16 Equal distribution Liberal 14 40 500 Capitalist redistribution Libertarian 0 40 10,000 o Which of these would you choose if you were behind the veil of ignorance? o 3 strategies to use: 1. Maximin Look at each possible action and imagine that you are in the worst situation and choose the one that puts you in the best position if you turn out to be in the worst position Liberal 2. Maximax Choose the one which were you to be in the best position, you would be in the best state Libertarian 3. Princible of Expected Utility Take the value of each outcome, multiply by probability, add it up
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Unformatted text preview: • Principle of Insufficient Reason o If you don’t actually know the probability, assume it’s equal • Libertarian o Rholls claims you should Maximin 1. The worst case could be very bad a. Untouchable in India, Irish coal miner 2. You don’t know the probabilities a. Don’t know how many people are in each class b. As things stand, you’re picking principles that will guide you over time 3. You don’t care about much beyond the minimum a. Most people only REALLY care about having “enough” o CRITICISM o No one can get behind the Veil of Ignorance (On the other hand,) You try to take the moral (political) point of view as best you can ∞ Locke o Even in a state of nature you have certain natural rights ∞ Kant o Contractarian...
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Class Notes 11.8.07 - • Principle of Insufficient Reason...

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