flast - all about Y U * quick guide CHAPTER 10 Plant...

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The All About You feature promotes financial literacy. These full-page boxes will get students thinking and talking about how accounting impacts their personal lives. Students are more likely to understand the accounting concept being made within the textbook when accounting material is linked to a familiar topic. Each All About You box presents a high- interest issue related to the chapter topic, offers facts about it, poses a situation for students to think about, and offers brief opposing answers as a starting place for further discus- sion. As a feedback mechanism, the authors’ comments and opinions about the situation appear at the end of the chapter. In addition, an “All About You” Activity, located in the Broadening Your Perspective section near the end of the as- signment material, offers further opportunity to explore aspects of the topic in a homework assignment. CHAPTER 1 Accounting in Action Ethics: Managing Personal Financial Reporting (p. 25) Compares filing for financial aid to corporate financial report- ing. Presents facts about student debt loads. Asks whether students should present a negative financial picture to
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flast - all about Y U * quick guide CHAPTER 10 Plant...

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