EASC150 8.25.09

EASC150 8.25.09 - East Asian Societies August 25, 2009...

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East Asian Societies August 25, 2009 Misunderstanding China Documentary (1970’s) This documentary is all about what we thought we knew back in the 1970’s Chinese Civilization is 4000 years old o Chinese think it would be a good idea to comet o Western civilization o To the Chinese we are cold, cutting, and immoral The ordinary American has never met the ordinary Chinese o And that is how they want to keep it Then the Chinese were brought here, and then we thought we had to do something about it o To the Americans, the Chinese were cheap labor A popular art form appeared: the Pujp magazine, the Comic Strip o 1920’s o Meant to display the feelings between the Chinese and Americans We could invent terror as we needed it against the Chinese Then it all came to life in the movies o Movies: emphasized the popular belief that Chinese lurked in the darkness They were associated with death and scare o The idea towards the Chinese was perverted and distorted They were always the villain The Chinese government protested this character portrayed They were stereotyped as arch villain and sometimes arch hero (but rarely) Some Chinese possessed the wisdom of the east in Movies o But rarely o Example: Charlie Chan o The Good Earth: Showed the most primitive side of Chinese life The most influential film of its time Tried to be different To see past the idea that the Chinese were just a bunch of ants on the hillside o The Chinese were usually portrayed as being ignorant and childlike Chinese come in hordes
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EASC150 8.25.09 - East Asian Societies August 25, 2009...

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