EASC150 9.3.09

EASC150 9.3.09 - East Asian Societies 9.3.09 In 25 years,...

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East Asian Societies 9.3.09 In 25 years, China has gone from a laughable object to a threat o As seen in 16 Candles clip (Long Dick Dong character) The Daily Show Clip about the Beijing Olympics o China is a laughable threat Their only threat is that the little girl lip synced her song and that the actual singer was deemed not cute enough by her government Daily Show host is over dramatic in his reactions o A laughing matter o He makes jokes about how we have been making fun of the Chinese and their slitty eyes 40 years ago, 30 years ago, yesterday… o He talks about how all the Chinese look alike Makes jokes o He talks about putting these girls back where they feel comfortable- in the sweat shops The South Park Chinese Beijing Olympics episode o The little boy is having nightmares about the Chinese, again o There are rows and rows of Chinese men that all look alike Thousands o The boys says that the Chinese hate the Americas and that soon with their advancing industrial system they will take us over They are the threat in the episode o The boy creates the American Liberation Front o To take the Chinese down, they go to PF Changs Every time they pretend they are Chinese, they slant their eyes and have buck teeth and change all L’s to R’s A survey of Korea based on the thoughts of 2000 Americans (All in the book we have) o Top 20 images of Koreans they had (20-1) Poor backward nation (number 20) Colorful traditional clothing Eat dog meat Short dark oriental people North Korea famine, economic difficulty North Korea nuclear weapons issue Hyundai automobiles Korea town and small business owners LA riots Student and labor demonstration riots MASH 1988 Sole Olympics DMZ, 38 th parallel, divided country 1
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Korean War Marshal Arts Family Oriented Aggressive, rude, negative personality Strong economy, trade Kim Chi, Spicy food, Korean BBQ Hard working (number 1 image) o When he asked questions of what people knew about Korea (like name five major cities in Korea), no body knew much How many Koreans are living in the US? 32% were correct How many Koreans live in California? Over 60% had no response Population of different parts of Korea? Less than 6% When was the Korean War? 20% had the correct response These were people answering who had an interest in Korea, they weren’t just random people The News Article Handout o The fiery breath of Godzilla- wanted to recreate the idea that nuclear power could never be tamed It didn’t have the same effect when it left Japan/China o The timing of the release of the film, the spring of this year the US has detonated a huge hydrogen bomb in the Pacific
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EASC150 9.3.09 - East Asian Societies 9.3.09 In 25 years,...

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