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EASC150 9.10.09 - East Asian Societies Video part II Japans...

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East Asian Societies September 10, 2009 Video part II Japans first commercial bank o Supported by the Mitsui family o Financed hundreds of new finance companies o Essential for building a strong nation, like the army o Wanted to create rapid technological change Meji Government o Radical o Could wipe the slate clean and start again o Wanted to adapt western technologies o The Toyota innovations were really successful The Platt brother’s The Chinese even started selling their technologies back to the British o Japan had a strong central government now and they wanted to catch up to the west This was never the cast with Chinese Didn’t need to learn from the west, didn’t have a strong government o Thomas Edison was a hero in Japan, just as he was in the US Practical application of electricity His flickering bulbs astounded the world in 1880 The Tokyo electric company followed suite 7 years later With Perry’s arrival in Tokyo Bay o Japan was ready to copy the west to the last detail Wanted to catch up with the west o The Chinese didn’t want this o Darwin’s Origin of Species Social Darwinism said some species were better for survival than others This struck a cord in Japan Leaders were conscious of Japan’s location in the international ladder of civilization o They thought western society was placed at the top rung, Japan in the middle, Asian societies at the bottom Cultural leaders of Japan invented a slogan: Denationize and Europeanize Japan o Imitated and emulated western ideas and imperialism Survival of the fittest 1
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o Were to be mastered by those that had mastered the western ideas Chinese military was unequipped and unprepared for war o Japan got into a war with them o The Japanese gained territorial rights like the westerners had o The Japanese came out on top o Even after the defeat, Dowager (the emperor) remained opposed to change China’s defeat opened the door to one last push for reform from within No reform was ever implemented, but people tried Conservative officials wanted to swash the reforms and wanted to execute the reformers These reforms showed that something in china was needed, there was response, but nothing changed o Rebels were called the Boxers They attacked the foreigners they blamed for China’s ills Japanese thought they were part of the imperialist club o Actually they were blackballed o Japanese were forced to pull out of China with no territory after the war This indemnity they got was 24 million dollars Not a small thing The Japanese built an iron and steel plant They continued to pull ahead as an industrial and military power The technology of modern weapons in Japan o Over the next several years, they learned a lot from the Germans The techniques of modern war were improved in 1904 Japan versus Russian Empire o Control of Manchuria was at stake o The Japanese were diligent in their pursuit of western civilization
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EASC150 9.10.09 - East Asian Societies Video part II Japans...

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