EASC150 9.17.09

EASC150 9.17.09 - East Asian Societies The River Elegy 1987 Yellow river expedition was a disaster o The entire country soon was talking of the

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East Asian Societies September 17, 2009 The River Elegy 1987: Yellow river expedition was a disaster o The entire country soon was talking of the disaster o The went on the expedition to make sure the Americans would take over this river The Chinese in sports arenas o When the five star red flag is raised, people jump to their feet o If there is a defeat, they will be sore losers Chinese civilization has declined- why? Every society deals with the tradition confronting society issue o Civilized nations pose as threats to ancient civilizations The road to totalitarianism The ancient civilization, once spectacular, begins to fade o Ancient history has always shaped society o And yet you cant ignore the fact that Chinese civilization is dying The civilization the ancestors created can not be nurtured by the Yellow River o A new civilization must be developed o The industrial civilization is calling China 1972: Chinese official shook hands with the president of the united states o This is the first handshake Chinese had made with the west o The earth is the most important thing in Chinese yellow life It is all they live for Land ties people down so they become dependant on it, while oceans allow the people to be free from the limitations of the land Today, young Chinese blame their ancestors for being tied to the land o China is surrounded by mountains too big to capture Walls began to be built o This compounded the Chinese problem o 300 miles north of the Great wall of china lies a great wall that keep invaders out and the Chinese people in The great wall was created during the Ming dynasty Exhausted all of Chinese resources at the time o We fought the Japanese at our coastline around this time The first great wall of china is now buried in the desert o The second great wall receives admiration from the entire world Chinese strength and prosperity is seen But it is a huge monument of tragedies Does not represent power It shows feudalism, incompetence, coward ness 15 th century 1
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o Man started to turn away from the land towards the sea o 1405: Chinese ships sailed into the Ocean This fleet traveled to southeast and south Asia Served no commercial services They were only political showings o History chose the Chinese, but the Chinese didn’t choose to follow history Chinese had no choice but to be doomed to passivity Civilization of China is in despair o Must open signs of democracy Most of the astronauts who have gone into space were European o The first Chinese man to go to space was the prize of the Chinese people He flew over Japan in 7 seconds To the Chinese, astrology is always linked to Galileo, Copernicus o Even thought we had been looking into astrology for a while now o John Han invented the sphere Said the earth was the center of the universe Hard for the Chinese to face The Chinese invented gun powder, the compass, and print making
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EASC150 9.17.09 - East Asian Societies The River Elegy 1987 Yellow river expedition was a disaster o The entire country soon was talking of the

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