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EASC150 9.24.09 - East Asian Society September 24, 2009 The...

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East Asian Society September 24, 2009 The Mao Years Documentary 1967 cultural revolution entered a new stage- factual warfare o Only students with good communist backgrounds were admitted to the red guards The ones that couldn’t join because known as the rebels o They fought for local power Soon many soldiers and workers joined o Mao supported the rebels Rebel groups tried to seize power from local parties o They used Mao songs and actions to get excited In Beijing, embassy’s were attacked o The violence Mao had unleashed had spiraled even out of his control Utter chaos and all out civil war o In July 1968- Mao turned on the red guards and rebels ordering them to disband They obeyed Soldiers were taking over colleges and schools and torturing them 1968: rigid conformity and oppression controlled peoples life o Mao was pushed to new heights in what he expected from the people and their devotion o People had to report all their thoughts to Mao twice a day Twice a day they danced the loyalty dance, wherever they were o The Cult of Mao it was called Every sentence German Mao said was the truth If you didn’t think this you were called a reactionary student Isolated people For casual remarks against Mao, people would spend years in jail 1968: Mao started a city youth program o Millions of family were torn apart because so many young kids were sent to spend time in remote regions o For some, it was a chance to start a new April, 1969: most delegates at the congress were radicals who had risen to power during the cultural revolution o Lin Miao as appointed Mao’s successor o He denounced the soviet union and the US as imperialists and enemies o Soviet union and China were fighting just weeks before The Soviet Union was now a greater threat than America They sent signals the US that they wanted to begin talks September 1971: plot was discovered o Lin tried to escape 1
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o His plane crashed and he died o He was considered a traitor at the time of his death o The daily rituals died when Lin died The fanaticism faded All of the people felt that they had been in a dream o For the first time, people questioned Mao’s infallibility Did Mao trust the wrong person (Lin)? There was a vague feeling that Mao had made a mistake o Mao’s heath was greatly affected He wanted to get well before Nixon came to meet o February 1972: after moths of secret negotiations, Nixon arrived in Beijing US wanted to start a relationship with China
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EASC150 9.24.09 - East Asian Society September 24, 2009 The...

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