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EASC150 9.29.09 - East Asian Society The Young and The...

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East Asian Society September 29, 2009 The Young and The Restless in China The young girl that was being arranged, cancelled her engagement o Her father said that if you think it will be better for you, then do what you want o She is relieved and happier o She soon after meets the man of her dreams They started talking via text messages Both his and her parent approve Jiang Pang is his name They both like and cherish each other Zhang Yao o The minute he laid eyes on her he liked her They started talking via text messages o He proposed to her at McDonald’s o He says “I love her more than I love myself” In Chinese culture, proposing isn’t always necessary The daughter talked about last week finally went and got her mother back who had gone missing o She was sold and told that she would never go home o She tried to run away, but when they found her they hung her up and beat her This is when she found out she was pregnant The mother waited for years to go until her daughter was through school o Her mother had changed her mind, she had decided to stay where she was She was taking care of a baby at the time and said that she couldn’t leave the baby because he would live a miserable life She is full of contradictions, she doesn’t know what to do o The daughter says that if she ever decides to come home, she will be there fore her The mother finally felt like she had a sense of home after this comment She said she finally had someone to depend on By 2007, almost all of Beijing’s old businesses were gone o High rises had sprung up in months o The city almost looked ready for the Olympics China’s global coming out party Many officials feel that if you sue the government, you oppose them o The power line law suite seen in last weeks lecture No village is being spared Mining Town in China o Dabaoshan has built mines 1
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o They dump clay and soot into the rivers o All the crops are down, especially peanuts, there is absolutely no way to grow peanuts o All the fish ponds have died o No local buyers want their stuff They say that their vegetables are poisoned o Their wells are connected to the river so they are drinking the polluted water o Every year about 40 to 50% of those who die, die of cancer
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EASC150 9.29.09 - East Asian Society The Young and The...

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