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EASC150 10.1.09 - East Asian Society October 1, 2009 Post...

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East Asian Society October 1, 2009 Post Olympics China Slideshow: The victory of Materialism, The Rise of the Middle Class and the lifestyles of behavior of Chinese youth o Relates to documentaries like Young and the restless in China and please vote for me, about Chinese youth There are three competing images, three contradictory influences that shape the values of youth in china today o Globalization Chinese groups are really international, global, in their outlook Many have been abroad to study, have global influences o Materialism, Pragmatism See it in the primary school students and the young and the restless People are concerned with making money, living a good life o Nationalism, Patriotism Important in trying to understand the relationship between materialism and nationalism o Example: Side of a KoreaWave Magazine cover o Example: Kong Fu Panda on the cover of a magazine Find elements of materialism and nationalize in addition to internationalism When released in china, it was not long after the earthquake in Sichuan Many nationalists said that since many panda’s were endangered in the earthquake, it is insensitive Panda and martial arts is the symbol of the country and you should not allowed Hollywood to coop our symbols of china Most people supported Kong Fu Panda For political reasons, Kong Fu Panda couldn’t be made by the Japanese It would be looked at as calling china lazy and fat Internationalism, materialism, nationalism o Example: Lust Caution movie Combines these three values Have the international aspects: the Chinese government and film authority had a strong desire to coop the director to bring him to the mainland Because Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon one an award as a Taiwan Film, not a Chinese film They wanted him to be a Chinese director, not a Taiwan director Nationalism: based on a nasty story where the main characters are executed and the traitor working with the Japanese gets away with everything 1
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Young woman is charged with the job of sleeping with this traitor and murdering him In the end she saves him life and betrays the revolution and he gets away free It was nasty to anyone who was patriotic cause it suggested that the revolutionaries were stupid The contradictory images of youth change over time o What are the different images that appear in Chinese media and youth Before may 2008, it was comic to label Chinese youth as spoiled, egotistical Common to analyze large groups in terms of generations The post 80’s generation is looked at a lot o Negative generation o The “Me Generation” o Too many faults, should be criticized The post 90’s generation is also looked at o These people the 80s and 90s are attacking each other The post 85 generation now exists
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EASC150 10.1.09 - East Asian Society October 1, 2009 Post...

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