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EASC150 10.6.09 - EASC 150g October 6, 2009 The Gate of...

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EASC 150g October 6, 2009 The Gate of Heavenly Peace June 3, 1989: Peoples liberation Army moved into Beijing o There were shootings o So many people died People felt nothing, there was an emptiness, people couldn’t believe they would open fire o Here was human hope and courage challenging the power of remorseless machinery In the days after the end of the protest at Tiananmen, tons of Chinese were arrested o Individuals were standing up to power They were using the lessons power had taught them o Nearly to stand up didn’t free them from all these things o Tiananmen is the gate leading to the imperial city, for centuries the center of power for china Students gathered to denounce the governments failure with foreign powers This was the may 4 th movement There was violent government oppression But generations and generations of students came to protest They wanted to discard of oppressiveness Mao’s communist army entered Beijing in 1949 o The traditional rulers of china had always remained hidden behind the gates of power He stood in from of the broad masses, changing a traditional way o Tiananmen Square: students were protesting Young people were very enthusiastic about the revolution and the peoples army The peoples republic of china was founded at Tiananmen The Chinese people had finally stood up o Many communist leaders moved into boarders of the imperial city For many years they had lived with the peasants o Mao became the emperor in effect and became the man that would live forever 1950’s government ordered the building of the great square in front of Tiananmen o The square would become the largest public space in the world and the center of Chinese political life There is a monument in the center with various scenes in Chinese history o Further meaning was being added to this place that was most charged with meaning In Mao’s era, Tiananmen became the symbol of the new china 1
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o Now it was the focus of Mao’s square o Mao and Tiananmen were one 1976 Mao died between an earthquake and a solar eclipse o All of the leaders remained on the platform below during his ceremony o Mao still resides in the square 1989 student demonstrations, some splattered Mao’s photograph with paint The first decades of the revolution- Mao had little interest in the day to day work of the revolution, he just wanted it to happen o Dong Show Ping was the one to deal with the day to day issues o 1959 no one dared express any dissenting opinions of Mao’s policies He had the last word with everything His comrades had to help patch things up The Cultural Revolution o It became a war of all against all o Dong Show Ping was attack Mao stripped him of his power and then brought him back to fix a
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EASC150 10.6.09 - EASC 150g October 6, 2009 The Gate of...

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