EASC150 lec 10.20.09

EASC150 lec 10.20.09 - East Asian Societies October 20,...

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Unformatted text preview: East Asian Societies October 20, 2009 • Tug of War • 1996: Missile fire erupts in the Taiwan straight • Taiwan: one of the worlds most enduring hot spots o Always pushed by great power rivalries o Pulled by democracy, etc o Constantly in a Tug of War • 90 miles of ocean between Taiwan and China o Long dangerous journey when the Chinese first came o Chinese felt the same culturally as Taiwan • 1895: Taiwan’s link to China was severed o China lost a war with Japan o People of Taiwan found themselves under new rulers o Germany had an authoritarian system, they were very strict o Taiwan people were trained to be law abiding people under the Japanese Everything was police and regulated The language, crops, jobs held were all monitored Most farmers didn’t have their own land • They rented land from the owners, rent was high At this time life was really tough • If you could have fat from a pig once a month, you would feel life was good o On the mainland, this was time of turmoil Sun Yat-Sen was the new political leader o Chinas history meant nothing to most Taiwanese • Japan invaded China o The people of Taiwan felt a connection to the people of the mainland o The Japanese tried to push the Taiwanese to assimilate Take their names and languages They forced them into the Japanese army • Jung Chai Shek was head of nationalist party o He was corrupt and inefficient o He was still considered one of the allies big four leaders • August 1945 o End of WWII, came end of Taiwan’s 50 year separation from China They were happy Taiwan was going back to its mother country The situation developed totally unexpectedly o The Japanese packed up and left They signed an agreement returning Taiwan to china • Blanket Soldiers emerged 1 • China looked down upon Taiwanese o Saw them as helping the Japanese for so long o Shek was cruel towards Taiwan...
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EASC150 lec 10.20.09 - East Asian Societies October 20,...

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