EASC150g 11.5.09

EASC150g 11.5.09 - East Asian Societies November 5, 2009...

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November 5, 2009 Basic questions about the occupation- coming out of the second world war How sensitive were the Americans to the Japanese environment? What was the underlying philosophy of the occupation? o Liberal and democratic o The Japanese institutions were to be reformed in a direction that would make them conform to western norms o De militarization and democratization Armed forces were to be disbanded o In the constitution a special article in the Japanese constitution is still controversial- article 9 Written in stating that the Japanese people would forever renounce war and the threat or use of force to settle international disputes Land, sea, and air forces would never be maintained It was turning Japan in to a pacifists country To take a militaristic country like Japan and turn it into a pacifist country o Democratization: Meant two things: the establishment of popular sovereignty The previous Meiji Constitution had to be changed because under it, sovereignty rested with the emperor or Japan The emperor was not really ruling the country Sovereignty was indefinite and was based on the balance of various political elites Military could use this vagueness to gain effective control of the country by gaining control of access to the emperor Reforms relating to the notion of popular sovereignty First: establishment of a popularly elected parliament- the Diet o To which the cabinet is responsible Second: the position of the emperor was changed o In January 1946- the emperor denounced his divinity and became a mere symbol of the state with only ceremonial functions Third: the armed forces were eliminated o 1954: self defense force o it is not called the military Forth: the prime minister and the majority of the cabinet ministers had to be part of the Diet o Change from the Meiji constitution o
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EASC150g 11.5.09 - East Asian Societies November 5, 2009...

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