c01 - 18.03 Class 1 Feb 8 2006 Introduction Geometric view...

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Introduction: Geometric view of solving ODE's. Vocabulary: Differential equation; solutions; ordinary; order; general solution, particular solution, initial value; direction field; integral curve; separable equation. Technique: separation of variables. [1] Welcome to 18.03. I hope you've picked up an information sheet and syllabus and a problem set when you came in. Read the information sheet. It contains a lot of important information about how this course will work this term. In addition to the textbooks (Quantum Books), you should pick up two course packets from Graphic Arts in the basement of Building 11. We'll use EP (5th or 4th ed) but not the freely bundled Polking. You should have been assigned to a recitation, and have gone to it yesterday (or this morning). We had to cancel some recitations, by the way, and the registrar messed up this process. If you got letters from the registrar and from the UMO, the UMO is right. I also hope you went to recitation on Tuesday. where these yellow sheets were handed out I hope you've now manufactured little booklets of them. We'll use them for a primitive but effective form of communication between us. It's private; only I can see the numbers you put up, pretty much. I will not use them every lecture, but I will on Friday. If you need to change recitation, go to the UMO. This is also where you hand in homework, due on Wednesdays or Fridays. The current PS is due a week from today, Feb 15, at 1:00. Any questions? [2] Notice the "Ten Essential Skills" at the back of the Information Sheet. This is a kind of plot summary. There'll be one problem on the each of these skills on the final exam. Here's a list of some of the larger courses listing 18.03 as a pre- requisite or co-requisite. Teachers of these courses know the list of skills. They expect you will know how to do these things. 2.001 Mechanics and Materials I
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c01 - 18.03 Class 1 Feb 8 2006 Introduction Geometric view...

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