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Question 1 Outline: - Discuss several perspectives on the position of the Viet Kieu or overseas Vietnamese o Andrew Pham- what it means to be Vietnamese in America versus in Vietnam “She shoves me into strangers’ homes, shouting jubilantly: A Viet-kieu, our own neighborhood Viet-kieu comes back to see his roots … They rush questions at me. Do you live in the County of Oranges (Orange County) in the state of Cali (California) ? I hear all Viet-kieu live there. ” (Pham 101). o Andrew Lam- perspective growing up in America. More global concept. o Discussing Viet Kieu in Oh Saigon. Emphasizes the need for a tie back to Vietnam. - The “journey to a childhood home” is a difficult one for both Andrews and for Doan Hoang, but their conclusions are subtly different. Contrast their perspectives to those of people they meet in Vietnam (Calvin/Cuong, Doan’s uncle Hai, her father, etc.). o The overarching story that we follow is Doan’s journey from America, where she was raised, to her birthplace of Vietnam, where she uncovers how deeply the war still impacts her family relationships. Doan meets her Vietnamese relatives, discovers her father's conflict with his siblings, and learns of her estranged sister's traumatic past. Her homecoming to Vietnam and healing draws her to bring her family back to confront their divided past. o
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NotesOnFinal - Question 1 Outline: Discuss several...

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