Homework+03+Key - and ultimately from a Latin compound...

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Homework #3 Linguistics 1 KEY Part One From the textbook, do the following exercises from the end of Chapter 3: 2, 4, and 6 . Exercise 2 retro + act + ive be + friend + ed tele + vise margin en + dear + ment psycho + logy OR psych + ology It is not clear what to do with the “o” between psych- and - logy . As it is not a meaningful element, it seems plausible to assume either that psycho - is the allomorph of psych- that shows up before - logy or that - ology is the allomorph of - logy that shows up with psych- . The problem is that psycho- is indeed an allomorph of psych- that shows up before various attached morphemes ( psychometric, psychotropic, psychobabble ) and -ology is indeed an allomorph of - logy which, as noted in the Oxford English Dictionary, shows up in made up words such as insectology and commonsense-ology . un + palat + able holi + day grand + mother morph + em + ic mis + treat + ment dis + act + iv +at + ion salt + peter (which comes from the Middle English compound salt + petre
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Unformatted text preview: and ultimately from a Latin compound meaning ‘salt of the rock’. Although it is unlikely that the average speaker would know the history of the word, most people recognize salt as one of the component morphemes and therefore would analyze peter as being a bound morpheme, similar to huckle in huckleberry . Actually, peter is an allomorph of a morpheme whose other allomorph is petr-, as in petrify .) air + sick +ness Exercise 4 terroriz ed : inflectional suffix un civil ized: free root terror ize : derivational suffix luke warm: bound root im possible: derivational prefix Exercise 6 a. kali b. kwahmilimes c. ipelomes d. nomahkwames e. pelo Noun fool foolishly-ly Adverb-ish Adjective Preposition in insider-er Noun side Preposition Noun Noun balm embalmment-ment Noun em-Verb Noun Islam Islamicism-ism Noun-ic Adjective-able Adjective inalterability Verb alter in-Adjective-ity Noun Noun center-al Adjective decentralization de-Verb-ize Verb-ation Noun...
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Homework+03+Key - and ultimately from a Latin compound...

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