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Monitoring Channel Initiation in Sediment Formerly Impounded Upstream of a Small Dam Removed on Murphy Creek, San Joaquin County, CA DALAL, M.S. and FLORSHEIM, J.L. , Geology Department, Univ of California Davis, Davis, CA 95616 Post-project geomorphic monitoring following the August 2003 removal of a small irrigation dam on Murphy Creek, an 8 km tributary to the Mokelumne River, CA, helps quantify re-establishment of physical processes intended to restore aquatic habitat for anadromous fish. The objective of this field study is to document changes in creek morphology as a new channel incises through sediment trapped in the former reservoir upstream of the dam and to document processes that account for these changes.
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Unformatted text preview: Iterative longitudinal profile and cross section surveys conducted during the first year after dam removal show morphologic adjustment including: 1) headward migration of small knickpoints approximately 34 m upstream; 2) channel development through previously restrained sediment; and 3)dominant marshy zones where there is poor channel definition. These data contribute to a baseline set for long-term monitoring studies and may serve as the basis of models to predict the supply of fine sediment to downstream spawning habitat. This work is significant in characterizing the long-term geomorphic response to small dam removal for creek restoration....
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