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Critique of Pure Reason Lecture notes, February 26, 1997: Rational Psychology G. J. Mattey The negative part of the Critique , which contains the criticism of pure reason promised in the title of the book, is the Transcendental Dialectic, whose task is to expose "transcendental illusion" fostered by human reason. The illusion is natural and inevitable, according to Kant. It culminates in conflicts within reason itself; hence the title "dialectic." Reason is the source of transcendent principles. A principle is transcendent when it explicitly applies to objects which cannot be experienced, as opposed to immanent principles (those of the analytic), which are explicitly limited to empirical objects. These principles are concocted by reason in its effort to unify the principles of the understanding by completing them. They employ Ideas, concepts whose intended objects are, as it were, free-standing, and which provide a foundation for the objects of experience. The idea of the soul is that of the seat of all our representations; that of the world is the idea of the totalit of the universe; that of God is the idea of the ground of the possibility of all objects in general. Corresponding to these three ideas are three sections of the Dialectic: the Paralogisms, the Antinomy, and the Ideal, respectively. The three-fold division corresponds exactly to the three objects of Wolffian "special metaphysics." The basis of Wolff's division was this. Theology deals with the necessary being (God), while the other two deal with contingent beings. Psychology's object is the soul, which is a special kind of contingent being. Cosmology concerns the world, which is the aggregation of all contingent beings which exist. Kant's systematization of the three areas of special metaphysics follows a three-fold division of types of syllogism in Aristotelian logic. The
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1 - Critique of Pure Reason Lecture notes Rational...

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