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Data Structures and Algorithms Homework Assignment 1 Given: January 13, 2011 Due: January 20, 2011 This assignment is due by the end of the class on the due date. Unless all problems carry equal weight, the point value of each problem is shown in [ ]. To receive full credit all your answers should be carefully justiFed. Each solution must be the student’s own work. Assistance should be sought or accepted only from the course sta±. Any violation of this rule will be dealt with harshly. 1. Answer each of the following questions. You don’t need to show your work. Questions a-e are based on the scenario that a president, treasurer, and secretary, all di±erent, are to be chosen from a club consisting of 10 people. Calculate the number of di±erent choices of o²cers possible if a. there are no restrictions. b. A and B will not serve together. c. C and D will serve together or not at all. d. E must be an o²cer. e. F will serve only if he is president. f. ³ive separate awards are to be presented to selected students from a class of 30. How many di±erent outcomes are possible if a student can receive any number of awards? g In the above scenario, how many outcomes are possible if each student can receive at most one award? h. True or False ? Ten dogs encounter 8 biscuits. Dogs do not share biscuits! Then assuming that the dogs are distinguishable, but the biscuits are not, there are ( 17 8 ) di±erent ways that the biscuits can be consumed. i. True or False ? In the above question if the dogs and the biscuits both are distin- guishable then the answer is 10 8 . j.
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h1 - Data Structures and Algorithms Homework Assignment 1...

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